You are here because, like us, you want to strengthen your friendships and reclaim your community.

It's so easy today to fall into 'virtual connections'; a sea of simulated acquaintances, faux friends and a filtered version of reality on social media, instead of actually building real relationships with real people.

At Lizzie & Lou we help you create memorable events. Events that allow you to build lasting relationships with the people you do life with.

All of our events are carefully curated for you so you can easily invite and enjoy a unique event without having to stress out over invitations or supplies. You can unbox an event from us and be having fun with your friends in just minutes. 

We started Lizzie & Lou to help you put your relationships first. We're honored every time we send out an event into someone's home, your home, because we know with every single box we're helping you reclaim your community. 

Join us. 

Kelsey & Amy