"Ask Lou" Column

Ask Lou is an advice column helping readers connect and appreciate their people in tangible and affective ways. Be it at home, work, or within the community, Lou would like to encourage readers to be passionate and purposeful every day.

My name is Amy Hanson. I am no expert on people. As a matter of fact, I am baffled everyday by the people living in my own home. I took a couple sociology classes in college, grew up overseas, and love studying other cultures, but people are a mystery, and that is what makes our world so exciting. I am reminded everyday how amazingly interesting and beautifully unpredictable people are. I am here to chat about what we should expect of each other at home, at work, and within our community. We need to show more appreciation and value to those in our circle. So, let’s get started!

Check out my weekly advice column for more tips on how to be present in your own life. Here you will find encouragement, tough love, and practical advice. If you are needing help on how to raise your level of care, please send me your questions. I am looking forward to connecting with you. Kindly, Lou