Stolen Ideas

You know those ideas that rattle around in your brain for years…an ingenious invention or a brilliant solution, but you don’t pursue it because you assume it’s a dumb idea or surely someone else has already invented it. I have had plenty of ideas over the year that I know I should have patented, like rent-a-puppy and self-buckling seat belts for toddlers.

Well, ten years ago we had the idea of creating a party-in-a-box. It, of course, never came to fruition, and in hind sight, we should have capitalized on that idea because there are many companies now that deliver “our idea” all over the country. We call it “our idea” because in our hearts we know we were the first to think of the party-in-a-box. As event planners, we wanted to tap into a market that would allow us to help people find the time to host gatherings, invest in relationship, and bring people together.

This mindset caused us to ponder: how valuable is time? We read an article that surveyed people and asked the question, “What would you spend your money on to be happy?” You would think the answers would be possessions, fame, toys, selfish things, but no, most people surveyed said they would spend money on amenities that save them time.

We decided to bring this “bright idea” to the Lizzie and Lou product line for two main reasons. Our party packs are designed to reclaim your community while saving you time to create lasting relationships and unforgettable memories. We want to encourage our clients to host social gatherings to strengthen their relationship and do LIFE together.

What makes our party-in-a-box different from all those other companies who stole our idea?  We deliver a unique centerpiece focal point, handmade invitations, and the materials for a fun party activity – all you need to provide are the guests.

We don’t want to just follow the trends, we want to set the trend. Help us start a new movement. Let’s shrink our digital community and get personal. The best trends are shared with the people in your circle, your neighborhood, your tribe. Open your home, bring your people in, and create unforgettable memories.

Because here at Lizzie & Lou we have no self-control, we personally hand select each item delivered to your family’s table, and we have hand designed and made invitations and thank you notes for that special touch. It’s our way to send you a little love. Feel free to take all the party planning credit. It will be our little secret.

Yours truly,