Husband & Hospitality

Hi Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a special New Year. I’ve missed you! If you’re like Lizzie and Lou, you hosted and partied your vacation away. Over this holiday season I noticed a little trend I accidentally set. I planned all the holiday gatherings and my husband showed up and happily co-hosted with me every time. You see, he’s an introvert and his approach to hospitality has nothing to do with social gatherings or parties. I’ve been the event planner and compulsive party thrower for over ten years, but it is my husband who has the gift of hospitality. We have such a different approach to community. I have learned so much from him over the past years. He is reserved and private, but he always rises to the social occasion with genuine composure and warmth.

My approach to hospitality is to perfectly plan and host a party where each step is carefully plotted with a timetable and flawless place setting. I tend to become preoccupied with the details and the cute decorations, and sure enough, I lose sight of the guests and the relationships that gatherings can create. The party may go off perfectly, but at the end of the night, it becomes a missed opportunity to foster deeper connections.

His approach is about community; unprompted and unplanned. He is the first to meet every new neighbor on our block. He makes himself available to help our friends and family move, and we all know how hard it is to volunteer to help someone move. He quietly shovels snow off extra sidewalks and driveways down our street. When our daughters were of toddler age, my stay-at-home mom friends would call him if they needed a spur-of-the-moment babysitter. During the summer, he stocks our freezer with fun ice pops to share with the neighborhood kids as they ride bikes with our girls up and down the street during warm evenings. What makes his approach to community so special is that it’s so simple yet reliable. He’s the guy everyone can count on.

I am so grateful he is quietly nurturing and easy with his relationship because I go headlong and am overly energetic about relationships. Even though our approach to building out little community is so different, they complement each other. I may build the support and structure, but it’s my hubby who fills it with love and care.

Let us know what hospitality lessons you’ve learned through the years. We’d love to hear from you!